Monday, May 31, 2010

My life to this date 27 years in this world

Hi Hello world ! I am Bernard Leong who officially started blogging again. I hope to use blogging as a avenue to share and publish my ideas, keep in touch with my friends from Singapore and America and find new friends. : )

I found that knowledge is meant to be shared especially in today's globalized and borderless world of information age. Besides, I am a aspiring scholar despite of all my overwhelming odds against me. I intend to focus on behavioral sciences of finance, marketing and politics - behavioral finance, consumer behavior and behavioral politics. One day, I hope to write a book about my life journey as a parting gift to this world to inspire future generations. Right now, I am a independent financial adviser at Promiseland Independent after 5 months of training and seminar studies. I am also a part time graduate student application (shortlisted and pending - hopefully for approval) at NTU Singapore.

Bernard Leong the rugged intellectual professional (professor in future). As time goes along, I will tell my story and experiences as I go along in the field of my work and studies. Don't worry, I shall be diplomatic but truthful to myself, my readers and whoever you call up there.  

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