Tuesday, July 6, 2010

NTU - a official graduate student , in the midst of drafting my hippocratic oath of honour as a person who seeks to create value to people who trust and believe in me. I will be a competent financial adviser, innovative mgt consultant, a inspiring life educator plus motivational trainer & outstanding behavioral sciences researcher .

Yeah I finally got into graduate school ! This is one significant milestone for my dream to become a established name in the research field. No, not just that. I also want to be a significant player in the industry - well known as a capable person who stand by his words with solid research evidence. When People see me Bernard Leong, they will know that my words are as good as a ton of gold.

This is my promise to my prospective clients, my RSIS classmates and professors, my friends and family, last but not least - myself with my conscience. I will never seek to be a crook who exploit people for his own selfish gains. Bernard Leong - a trusted management adviser. I will never create Cannot Work Business Problems ! I will practise management on the straight and narrow path, away from the crooked and broad path so that I can sleep peacefully at night with a clear conscience. I will recommend to my clients based on rigorous research standards and ethics. No Churning on my books !

Next, I will also seek to digitize the vast amount of information on various subjects I collected over the years on this blog. I also intend to inspire people and myself who are down and out in life - to rise up above the challenges. My life story is a poignant and inspiring one which I will tell in time to come. Right now, I will tell a bit by bit. After all, I am still on this journey seeing how it goes. Last but not least as a researcher, I seek to share my knowledge with people for the betterment of society as a whole. 

Yours Truly,
Bernard Leong   

P.S  I used to be a hardcore military man. So I chose the name Bernard from British Army Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery when I was preparing to go to ubsim where 60% of the lecturers are Americans ( thought better to make things easier for me and them rather than twist my chinese name. I was also aware of Dr Bernard Leong aka the pragmatic idealist who was educated at Cambridge. Now he is a techno entrepreneur. A good role model I thought to myself in 2005. Now I am even more sure that this is what I want and will become - hopefully taking over from him as well. Only time will tell and I will work hard on it.    

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