Friday, July 19, 2013

Former opponent's reply to me after I won : Something that made me realize that there will always be sore losers around no matter how hard I work. So the greatest opponent is actually none other than myself.

It seems that I've forgotten about the 1.4MB diskette size of your brain capacity and ability to process information. So I thought I'd put it in a much more simplified response to you:

1. Nobody gives a shit about your special olympics challenge. You're still retarded no matter what (even if you'd have somehow won by sheer luck), and we don't take handicap matches.

2. You're not a sportsman, you're not a military man, so to hell with your bullshit. Want a medal for slimming down? Go ask Expressions or Adonis for it.

3. By the way, learn to spell people's name correctly first and check your grammar before putting on something that will only put yourself to more shame (not that it matters since all your dignity is pretty much gone, but still make it at least look good).

4. You still hold your pink IC and you're not even American. So to hell with your American dream and get ready for more humiliations and discriminations over there. Congrats!

5. A good warrior is one that would never see the need to quote Sun Zi time and time again. Need I say more about that, diskette-brain? Your opponents are all here, and all you could do is run away to another country crying and snoozing your mucus all over. Talk about empty talk (yes, pun intended. Try digesting that)

6. You want apology? come and get it. I'll be waiting for you. You need a good lesson on how to mind your words responsibly, and how one should know one's own place. Maybe if you'd apologize for YOUR OWN MISDEED that caused all these nonsense today (yes, it's your own fault). I might give your request a consideration.

Fat Bastard H

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