Friday, July 19, 2013

Physical Fitness Blog : confessions for my ups and downs in the past.

As a self-professed soldier, I must admit that I am much more better in the intellectual ability than the physical fitness ability. I have never quite passed physical fitness tests in school or in the army. So people say that I think too much aka the proverbial "thinking soldier". The only major times that I managed to surpass my expectations or even other people's expectations were in times of emergency crisis when I responded with adrenaline. During BMT, I lost 13 kgs. 

During the previous operation "Operation Thunderstrike" of 2006/07 pitting myself against  "Fat B**t**d H" as the target, I managed to lose 23 kgs. Nevertheless, he still did not concede defeat to me. This led me to think out of the box how to win without heavy fighting in the future. So I gradually embarked on my quest to succeed with people through diplomacy for mutual benefits in my career as the main option since 2008. I largely succeeded but there is still room for improvement in that department of interpersonal relations. Anyway, I had gone past beyond the stage of remembering him or even his name for that matter. It is just in the past as part of my combat history. The last time that I heard of him, is nowhere near where I am today. What is past, is past. 

Moving on for this "Operation Top Gun", the primary target is none other than myself because I am the greatest opponent for myself since I know my strengths and weaknesses in this battle after having been through this and that. Losing weight "Operation Thunderstrike 2" was a losing battle in the last 5 years (despite being advised nicely by a few friends whom I am grateful for), juggling work and studies together for "Operation Intellectual Jungle". As we say in economics, resources are limited while wants are unlimited.  I aim to lose at most 30kgs or 25 kgs at least for 2013/14 and keep it that way for once and for all. I would like to give thanks to my family and friends who support me throughout all this while in my determination to make it in my various areas of operations for the challenges of life. 

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